• Child feeding horse

Feed the Horses

Visit the equestrian center during designated feeding hours to meet the horses and feed them a snack.


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mother daughter Glice skating

Glice Skating

Embrace the joy of the season with friends and family at Fairmont Grand Del Mar's exceptional Glice skating rink, designed for eco-friendly recreation.
  • Grand Social
  • November 22nd
  • 4:00PM

Yoga Flow

“Just breathe” with a series of yoga poses that flow and move with the breath to focus on flexibility and align posture.
  • Movement Studio
  • October 5th
  • 8:00AM
Champagne toast

New Year’s Eve at Amaya

Step into a world of sophistication as you bid farewell to the old and welcome the new at Fairmont Grand Del Mar's New Year's Eve celebration at Amaya. Join us for an unforgettable evening of opulence and style.
  • Amaya
  • December 31st
  • 5:00PM