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Grand Del Mar’s Equestrian Center is Southern California’s most exquisite stable and riding center. Featuring scenic trails, a state of the art arena, and overall premium horse care, the Equestrian Center offers riding and non-riding activities for all ages and levels of experience.

a mother guiding her son on a pony

Equestrian Activities

The perfect way to explore the 400 acres of Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve is from the saddle. Trail rides and professional riding lessons are now available at Fairmont Grand Del Mar.


Family on a trail ride

Trail Riding

Reliable trail horses will be provided to accommodate all ages and levels of riders. One-hour trail rides will be scheduled as requested. Horses will be groomed and tacked up prior to the client’s arrival in order to maximize riding time.

Minimum age requirement – 7 years old and at least 50’ tall

A group horseback riding

Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons will be offered in The Grand Del Mar arena on an as requested schedule. Lessons are about an hour and a half in length and include 20-30 minutes of grooming/tacking up the horse, a 30-45 minute private riding lesson and another 20 minutes of untacking/grooming/cleaning tack.

Grooming services will be offered for those with time constraints.

Minimum age requirement – 7 years old and at least 50’ tall

Pony Rides and Non-Riding Activities


Lead line pony rides will be offered for the younger kids ages 2-6.


Visit the equestrian center during designated feeding hours to meet the horses and feed them a snack.

horseback trailride

Trail Rides

Are you looking for a fun and unique adventure? Meet our beautiful equine companions, and awaken your inner explorer with a trail ride at Fairmont Grand del Mar.

Embark with friends and family on an hour-long horseback excursion along sagebrush-lined trails past a grove of giant oaks and you will get swept away by nature’s majestic beauty. Be immersed around our 400 acres of coastal canyon scenery and take in the moment.

Limit 4 people per ride.

Tuesday through Sunday
9:30 am, 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm