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Sustainability at the grand

We are driving change towards positive hospitality.
We innovate to create new industry standards.
We act to reduce the impact of our activities.
We care about making a difference for a better tomorrow.

Water Conservation

  • The irrigation system on the Golf Course utilizes reclaimed water. The water is sent through a treatment process and
    then used to water the land.
  • The resort has installed a wireless sensor at each hole of the golf course. The sensor measures moisture and salinity levels to reduce watering to only when needed, for more information visit www.getgroundworx.com
  • 2,500 sprinklers have been replaced with a new product that reduces water consumption.
  • Guest room shower heads have been replaced saving 2.85 million gallons of water.

Honey Bees at The Grand

Meet our bees. The Grand Del Mar has rescued over 120,000 bees. Bees are the most effective pollinators on earth, but the loss and fragmentation of habitat leaves hundreds of thousands of bees without space to nest and reproduce. The creation of new habitats, or bee hotels, is incredibly important to ensuring the sustainability of the species. Our special residents live near the 4th hole of the golf course. Our bees produce a natural, raw honey which we use in our restaurants and for amenities throughout the resort.

The Grand Golf Course

Reducing Landfill

  • The agronomy team sorts and recycles our green waste.
  • The resort offers a water filtration system in guest rooms, eliminating the use of 268,000 plastic bottles annually.
  • Large format bath amenities in the guest rooms eliminates 135,000 small plastic bottles per year.
  • The resort has a chipper to process all fallen trees and branches into mulch to nourish the plant beds. This reduces the amount of green waste that goes into the landfill. We produce over 500 cubic yards of material a year.
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Protecting Nature

  • The golf course is surrounded by areas that feature native plants. These areas are protected to allow the native plants species to
  • The resort does not perform any work from April to October to protect the Gnatcatcher bird species.
  • The Gnatcatcher is a protected species in Southern California. They are small, perching birds that live on the insects in the area and migrate south in the winter.
  • The grounds also feature a series of creeks that form a riparian habitat with several species of trees. These areas provide shelter for insects, birds and reptiles as well as reduce the flow of run-off water and stream contamination. Along with the creeks, we have a containment lake that serves as a bio filter for the property.
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  • In May of 2023, we will receive a new fleet of Golf Carts that are lithium battery operated. These carts are more energy efficient and will reduce energy consumption by $7,000 annually.
  • The resort has a bottle-crushing machine that repurposes glass into ultra-fine grains of sand. This product replaces the sand in the bunkers of the course.
  • A pollinator garden will be planted in 2023.
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Community Initiatives

  • Partnership with local farms and fisheries for procurement of product
    Partners include: Girl & Dug, Chino, Snake River, Weiser, Tuti Fruti, Two Peas in a Pod, Coleman Family, The Garden of Farm
  • Plant the Preserve, monthly grooming on the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve
  • Biannual Del Mar beach clean-up with Surfrider Foundation
  • Provide holiday meals to first responders
  • Spread the Warmth, for the homeless with Doors of Hope
  • Father Joes
  • Straight A Stop, children’s learning program
  • Ronald McDonald, Red Shoe Day
  • San Diego Blood Bank
  • SDSU in the Classroom Assessor
  • San Diego Food Bank