• Man and woman hiking through trail.


There is plenty of room to roam on The Grand’s expansive 400-acre property. And with Southern California’s spectacular year-round weather, you’ll want to do just that. Located adjacent to the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, explore more than 37 miles of hiking trails beginning on the property grounds.

Explore the property, the trails or the Preserve with the Resort Loop, Grand View Trail or Shaw Trail.

Other Activities You May Like

Sports & Fitness


Classic meets cool with our Zybra e-bikes. Breeze through our beautiful coastal canyon or set out for a two mile ride to Del Mar’s white sandy beach. The ride doesn’t get any easier than on one of our new electric bicycles.
Sports & Fitness
tennis player


Enhance your backswing at The Grand’s two professional-style tennis courts, a lush lawn and shaded viewing terrace set the scene for phenomenal play.
Sports & Fitness
mother daughter Glice skating


Put your skating skills to the test with The Grand’s eco-friendly Glice Skating Rink during the holiday season. Starting after Thanksgiving through the first weekend of January.