A Weekend of Wellness

Want to relax, recharge, and leave your getaway at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar feeling far better than you did when you arrived? Delve into the resort’s vast world of wellness with a San Diego wellness retreat centered around innovative spa treatments, exhilarating fitness classes, and mindful meditation, all while taking in the natural beauty of the sprawling property.

The Center For Wellbeing at Fairmont Grand Del Mar is one of just 60 Forbes Five-Star spas in the world, and, at its core, is rooted in healing traditions of the past and the regenerative science of the present. “The entire inspiration of the spa is a modern-day monument to the Renaissance,” says Kyra Johnson Bradley, Director of Resort Experience and Wellbeing. “Renaissance, of course, is rebirth and renewal, and we believe that you can achieve your own personal renaissance here. It’s an extraordinary spa with wonderful amenities and a synergy of expert touch and natural elements such as muds and botanicals and extremely rejuvenating treatments. It’s definitely not to be missed as part of your experience here Grand del Mar.”

Here’s how to create your perfect weekend of wellness at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar:

Treat Yourself to Treatments

Every single spa treatment has been hand-crafted to calm, balance, and naturally restore health and beauty from the inside out. The center’s entire staff of practitioners has undergone advanced spa education and extensive training in the art and science of wellness, so they’ve learned how to analyze each guest to understand what their specific needs are and can use their technical expertise to create a customized experience for each individual.

Guests can arrange for a fundamentals of wellbeing consultation at the start of their stay or prior to arrival so that practitioners can make specific recommendations and create a series of treatments around guests’ own unique wellness needs. “There isn’t a one size fits all as it relates to treatments and that’s where our therapists can really work with you and go over all of your concerns and what you’re looking to achieve with your visit,” explains Bradley.

Each treatment is designed to naturally restore health and beauty from the inside out, she explains, and an oft-recommended way to begin a spa experience here is with the Refined Vichy Scrub, a treatment that combines a full-body dry brushing with a sea-salt body scrub, along with the targeted and exhilarating water therapy of a Vichy shower. “You’re stimulated in such a way that the nervous system is able to achieve great relaxation and that allows for your body to be receptive to more therapeutic work to follow,” says Bradley.

Other popular and unique treatments include the Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage – a light-touch therapy to stimulate the flow of the lymphatic fluid to help to flush the body; the Natural Facelift contouring facial that rejuvenates the face instantaneously; and a variety of combination therapies that blend therapeutic massages, hydrating body wraps, and invigorating scrubs.

candles lit next to oil defuser and pink flower
towels rolled with flowers stuck in the end

First-Thing Fitness

“Waking up to morning exercise is really exceptional for the body and for the mind,” says Bradley. “And here at the resort we have a vast selection of fitness and movement programs.” At the Movement Studio, you can focus on your core with Pilates and abs-and-glutes-targeted classes; get your heart rate up at Boot Camp; or choose from a variety of yoga offerings including a multiple Vinyasa yoga flow classes as well as a Chakra-opening yoga, all under the guidance of trained and certified instructors.

And don’t forget to exercise your mind while you’re here with guided morning and mindful meditations, meant to helps to slow the mind down and reduce stress. Later in the day, try Twilight Yoga to wind down your day before dinner. “Our diverse offerings really allow you to achieve mind-body wellness and break a great sweat all in the same stay,” adds Bradley.

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Room with workout equipment
golf course with hot air balloons in the distance

Nurture Through Nature

With the resort situated in a breathtaking preserve at the base of the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, surrounded nature, flora, and fauna, it’s the perfect place to indulge in thoughtful walks or more rigorous hikes while taking in the stunning scenery. The resort’s fitness instructors lead daily guided hikes along the Shaw Trail and Grand View Trail, both of which connect with the canyon and (bonus!) offer photo-worthy views. The concierge can also provide trail maps for guests who want to explore on their own.

“They say nature is the cure to all neuroses. There’s no better way to connect with the property than to get out into nature,” says Bradley. “Also, one of the best ways to overcome jetlag is to connect with your geographic setting, so getting outside and spending time in the surroundings is really wonderful.”

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