• yoga


Tone, tighten and strengthen with this high energy workout. Hit all the major muscle groups using weights, resistance bands and your own body weight.


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Tennis Clinic

Take part in some friendly competition, from lively 3-on-3 challenges to live ball cardio or round robin mixers. This one-hour clinic will be led by our Tennis pro, Lynn Lewis, and will include drills, instruction, and social play.
  • Pickleball/Tennis Courts
  • April 20th
  • 10:00AM

Calming Meditation

This dynamic yoga practice links breath to movement to create a flowing sequence of asanas with a fluid transition.
  • Movement Studio
  • April 21st
  • 11:00AM

Yoga Sculpt

Experience the perfect blend of mindfulness and athleticism as you sculpt your way to a stronger, more toned physique in this empowering class.
  • Movement Studio
  • April 22nd
  • 10:00AM